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Best Tinnitus Sound Therapy Ever


  1. Best thing I've heard today! Thanks!

  2. omgoodness! this is perfect! Thank you!
    I actually have a slim bluetooth speaker that I put under my pillow so that the sound goes right into my ear! I can't wait to try this tonight!

  3. I was skeptical. 30 minutes later, I am enjoying the first stretch of silence in a long time. thank you!

  4. I like these natural sounds. This is my first time listening so I do not know if it works yet but I sincerely appreciate your posting this to help others. Thank you.

  5. This is one of the more soothing sounds with the crickets, the storm, and chimes. The noise that I have more of a buzz/roar rather than a high-pitched ring. Sometimes it seems unbearable, and I pray for it to stop permanently. Like so many others, it will subside, but always returns…sometimes with a vengeance. My heart goes out to anyone with Tinnitus.

  6. Those crickets and chimes are exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.

  7. Hi Honey can you hear me 🤗

  8. It doesn't make sense. This is just random sounds, but it helps so much.

  9. do we have to hear this everyday?????

  10. what is da best time to hear dis

  11. hey guys this is ajeet kumar i have tinitis for over 1 year . i have heard that there is cure in INDIA . there is therapy name cow urine therapy i gonna have this therapy and lets see what happens . i hope it will go away pray

  12. Thanks Paul my daughter called this morning and suggested I do it that way. So phone should work. Thanks for getting back to me.

  13. i have tried many therapies but your therapy suits me thanks a lot

  14. now i know exactly the sound frequency equivalent-it's almost equal to cricket noise– just constant, is this supposed to be sleep therapy?

  15. Can you get this on a device that can be played at night to help sleep ? Can not get my computer beside my bed as we live in 5th wheel camper and travel work camping.

  16. Marianne Moggridge

    This helps me at the moment thank you

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