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Coping with Tinnitus // My story 👂🏻


  1. I've had it since I was 7 ( I turn 16 next month) because of a giant balloon popping next to my ear it's the reason I'm scared of popping balloons. I listen to music to block it out which isn't probably the best thing to do. On top of the tinnitus I have hearing loss, vertigo, and some thing called sudden deafness (where you go deaf in one ear for an amount of time at any moment) and with vertigo the tinnitus can trigger it. I've never thought about tinnitus being a disability I just kinda let it be. I've never let it bring me down though

  2. thanks for your words, if you close your ear with your finger do you still here it ?. i have pulsatil on my right ear. for almost 45 days, its hard….. doctors does not know really what to offer you. but if i close my ear with my finger… i am normal…. did you try it. thanks

  3. I had a ear infection when I was 7 called swimmers ear I think it was called that and I had tinnitus for a few years after that. Woo

  4. I have had Tinnitus since new years eve 2013 after a bad knock to the head due to an assault, It has changed my life so much. It's very hard in social situations sometimes and makes me very anxious. I escape from it with doing music production but it's all about helping yourself because most people don't understand how hard it can be. Have you tried hearing aids that mask the sound? I recently watched an interview with Chris Martin from Coldplay who has Tinnitus and he recommended the herb ginkgo biloba. You're pretty by the way! 🙂

  5. Thanks for making this video especially from a women's perspective! I have tinnitus too and it's been a such a journey…it does take time…much love!!!

  6. Joachim Rasmussen

    i got it for 2 month now and my dad also have it so he have helped me alot he also ignore his and is not a problem for him at all since he have no emotionions towards the sound his is a bit louder then mine he hear his outside sometimes but moste of the time he forget he has it he have had a very succefull life he is 70 now and have had it as long as he can rember he says he maby nothice it ones a week ore so where he thinks about in 1 minut but then his attation is drawn to somthingels i think the thing he dose is not see it as a problem at all. sry for my english not my native language

  7. FOR EVERYONE WHO IS JUST FEELING THIS, ASAP GO TO AN URGENT CARE AND TELL THEM YOU THINK ITS AN EAR INFECTION SO YOU CAN GET ANTI BIOTICS ASAP. Thats one way that can save you. AND MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW UP 2-5 DAYS AFTER. The symptoms they might look for is hearing loss, any cough in the last month, pain, and not all at the same time. AND TRY NOT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC, IT CAN DAMAGE IT FURTHER DURING AN INFECTION. STOP WATCHING THESE VIDEOS AND GOOGLING YOUR SYMPTOMS, DONT DIAGNOSE YOURSELF, get a doctor, and make sure to remember to follow up a few days later.

  8. Your story mirrors mine nearly exactly. I just woke up with it one morning (thought it was the central heating). Ear infection (from syringing wax). That was 1991, and it's still going 🙁

    BTW watch out for the 'snake oil' cure sellers (I notice one posted on your blog).

  9. Went to three doctors and all three including a nose,throat, and ear specialist told me mine most likely temporary and think the cause is from a virus in my left ear. I really hope that what they're saying is true and it is really temporary. I have only had it for a month and it makes me want to kill myself.

  10. Feels so good to see that im not the only young woman struggling with this… its been two months now. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Technologyadvisor1

    did you get dizzyness? i am getting this its scary

  12. Richard Cranstone

    Hi I'm rich 29 from England! Iv had it fore years now two! I here it every day I just stay positive with it! I'm looking a Julian approach to it now two! And my I just say you are stunningly beautiful!!

  13. hello dear please provide me your email adress i want to discuess about this tinnitus i face same problem but i cure 60 %.hope its work for you too my email adress is hrdogar@gmail.com

  14. Brooklyn Londoner

    Very informative video. Sorry to hear your suffer with this and hopefully one day it will bugger off the same way it came.

  15. Hallo Helen,
    I have had tinnitus for almost four years now and i thought I could finally cope with it, but recently it got worse which is why I am constantly worrying about it. I just wanted to ask you what strategies you have to cope with it, because I can hear it every day, especially when there is almost no background noise. However I need to concentrate because of my studies.
    maybe you have some tipps

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