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Extremely Most Powerful Tinnitus Cure In 10 Minutes | Binaural Beats Tinnitus Sound Therapy


  1. I am so sad with my tinnitus 😖

  2. Is not for cure this kind of music just make fool the pepol

  3. Best click bait yet!

  4. Didn't do nothing.

  5. não melhorou nada 🙁

  6. Your a fucking ass hole buddy!

  7. Worked for me

  8. It´s working for me….3 minutes on and 3 minutes off….the relief is notable.

  9. I’ve tried several videos, and this one made my T worse, so avoid it and find better ones! I prefer the ones with one consistent tone, like this one https://youtu.be/a9zNseh3_lg

  10. I listen to rain or the bible all night to stop the ringing…

  11. I've had tinnitus for approximately 15 years or more both ears one is more predominant than the other and I've been looking into the cures and the Sound Treatment and it's not working so what other steps might there be

  12. No use ??? Does not work at all…wait of time and I’ve had it fir 8 years…listening to waterfalls on my iPhone helps me sleep

  13. I used ear buds. I believe that is the only way to listen. Not sure but I hear something different, perhaps a lower similar tone. I tried the one before this with the water sound it did nothing ; i.e. 10 min. This I went the entire time as well. Thank You for this effort. I see others are offering treatments. I INTEND TO COME HERE AND TAKE ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS.

  14. I have received your message and await further instruction.  I wish only to please you, master.  Your wish is my command.

  15. how loud should it be ?

  16. Listened to the entire thing and my tinnitus at the same time, no change.

  17. I believe if you are going to advertise this as a cure, then you should be liable for lawsuits for false advertising.

  18. Didn’t work for me and I used headphones.

  19. Jordan The cat lover

    It didn't fully cure it but it helped 👏

  20. I have tried this. Whenever i walked i feel like i am a robot 🙂

  21. Txs I Was Looking,For Some Way Natural. 😊

  22. Ringing same as buzzing ?

  23. Thank You For This Video

  24. Oh my God! What a coincidence it is. I have been suffering with the same issue and wanted to know why it's happening. ☺ Thanks to you a lot. You're doing magical! ❤

  25. Are you spiing on me or what 😐 how did u konw that i have rining ears 😂😂 🌌🌌

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