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Fix Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears) Major Breakthrough How to Stimulate Vagus Nerve – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

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  1. Thankyou 💖

  2. Grate loving Dr.you are becoming my hero👍👍👍Grate man..God bless..

  3. Great tips and advice thanks a million Dr. ✌

  4. Qigong and Breath Empowerment is fantastic too. Maybe you can speak at one of Jeff Primacks Qigong Events. Very Complimentary in knowledge. He is also very sharp and saved the quality of my life.

  5. Just watched your slippery elm video now this. I have a loud noise ear ring. Healed my internal ring that was happening but now that its a loud noise having a challenge. You are Fantastic. I will say the wisdom teeth tooth meridian is connected to the inner ear. watched jonathan landsman holistic oral health summit excellent. Speaks on cavitation empy opening under the gums where anaerobic bacteria live and go back and forth. healing that may help also. Thank You for the videos. My ear ringing on one side is maddening and I have been working on it. Watching this now.

  6. Difficult to cure what does not exist. Wise guys?

  7. For me, getting more than 8 hours of sleep helps

  8. Thank you!

  9. after going to physical therapist she adjusted my ribs "pop back into place" plus adjusted my posture i noticed alot of other popping as the day went on. more importantly i noticed my tinnitus level went down to all most zero. must point out it has went up to around 3 in level today 2 days later. Most important question > the skeletal misaligned in conjunction with muscles cause a unknown frequency or chemical reaction that produces tinnitus? anthony n Pannozzo MD from Florida seems to have touch on the subject. how ever i am hoping that more intense or zeroed in on tinnitus issue can be accomplished . thank you for your time.

  10. I have a crackling in my ears when I swallow. Also when I turn my head

  11. God is good.

  12. 12dollarsand78cents

    Bunch of bullshit! Thumbs Down and Unsubscribing!
    I have Tinnitus and Balance problems. This is just harmful pseudoscience.
    I fucking tried this for over 2 months, and it just made me mad at this fucking quack!

  13. I find , that when I shut my wi fi off it more o less goes , and I also feel that wifi is aps the main,reason for triggering this … and it is awful..I don't think 5G…. Should be aloud.❤️❤️❤️

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