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How I eased my tinnitus with vitamin D3


  1. Last night I found this video because my ears were ringing and driving me nuts. I took 10k of the D and it stopped within 15 minutes. Amazing. Who knew.

  2. William Williams

    Many replies. Not many.. thanks man it works. Medical community, Tinnitus research Etc haven't heard about the miracle cure for some strange reason. Hmmm I got De Za Vhooo all over again. Thumb down.

  3. Christopher Martínez

    Thanks for sharing this with us Mario. I'm definitely going to try out the "vitamin D3".

  4. Can u tell. Me the name

  5. Can I get in the Uk 🇬🇧

  6. make another video to update us

  7. Found you on FB, added you and messaged you, started to take D3 after a spike

  8. Try opiates, at least it puts a person in position that they simply don't care what the noise is like!

  9. tinnitis is caused by hearing loss….find a good audiologist…not an ENT….also if you have hyperacusis it will be worse….phonak makes hearing aides to treat this….

  10. If you are thinking about trying large doses of d3, please watch the video below, it contains important info to stop your body calcifying. I know desperation can make a person do crazy things, but please research extensively before trying things. I am not criticising the guy in the video, he,s only trying to help by telling you his story, but please find out your own information and keep safe. He is correct about checking your blood levels it's so important, to avoid unforeseen negative consequences.


  11. I tried this , spiked my T to incredible levels , then I learned that overdosing on D3 can cause Magnesium deficiency , I went in the middle of the night to the store to buy some magnesium as I was completely losing it , after a day or two of magnesium my spike stopped,too scared to try this again.

  12. Sarah Louise Chippendale

    I had tinntius Since 2010/2011 due to loud noise Exposure from a Party will this work for me ?

  13. Hey guys, I have good news. My Tinnitus is completely (around 90percent) gone by now. I wouldnt say it cured spontaniously, since it's been 6 months and it seems very unlikely. So I'm planning another Video, but I would really like to know more about your experiences. Negative and positive ones of course. Also it would be nice to know where you got your tinnitus from (if you know) and how long you have it for. Maybe we can relate the effects better. For the record: mine was noise enduced.

    See you soon and silence to all of you.


  14. should i be taking d3 as well i just had tinnitus its been two months now 🙁 pls add me on facebook type this number in the search line pls….9818007627

  15. Frederic St-Pierre


    Self-medicating can be a truly dangerous game. Be CAREFUL for anyone who attempts this without consulting.

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