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How it Feels Living With Ringing in Your Ears or Tinnitus: NBC Left Field | In Our Minds


  1. Do you suffer from tinnitus? Let us know what the sound sounds like to you.

  2. I have both tinitus & floaters problems.At first i got floaters one year ago..which seriously changed my life and i struggled a lot to cope up with this floaters..lot of sleepless nights and thinking about worst case scenario..and of course cried a lot especially in nights in my bed room before sleep…!!!And finally when i started to get used to my floaters problem..this tinitus problem started three week ago…!!I dont know what to do…i went to see my doctor..and he says its common and cannot be treated..but seriously its killing me from inside…it may sound like foolish and stupid but i even thought of sucide..because i dont know what do..with both floaters and tinitus i cant concentrate in my work..i took sick leave for nearly one week and i was staying inside my house and thinking and crying and i dont know what to say now…..!!And suddenly i watched your video and thought it would be fine and refreshing if i share my experience and i hope this helps me..so thank you for sharing yours…!!!After sharing this I hope I'll sleep better tonight..thank you..!!!

  3. I have had tinitis in my left ear for 20 years and 10 years in my right. Its horrible at times other times not quite so much…

  4. I've had it since I was a kid. Seems to be the worst at night when the sounds of the day subside. Creating a preferable white noise to blend it in with can help. This site is excellent (created by a sound engineer). https://mynoise.net/

  5. I have had tinnitus for just over ten years now, the last 5 have been so very hard to deal with. I now have 3 distinctive sounds in my left side of my brain (I say brain because it no longer feels like it just in my ear but swirling, pulsating in the left side of my brain) there is a low lawnmower sound, a middle pitch hissing and an extremely loud cicada sound (like I have a thousand of them in my head) on days I am stressed, which is almost every day, it's louder. When I feel unwell, it is louder. It affects my mood, my motivation, my social life, and sometimes my will to carry on. It is an invisible and silent condition to others around me, but to me, it means I have no moments where I can sit in silence, it is with me during every second I am awake, relentless.

  6. I had this ringing when in silence

  7. this is sad 🙁

  8. Came here from an ad but still, as he said, its funny because when I take off my headphones, I still hear the ringing
    Edit: Its interesting that I can somewhat control the pitch of the ringing. If I want to, I can make it more higher pitched, sadly never lower pitched. If I stop trying to make it high-pitched it goes back to the normal pitch, maybe 17K .

  9. I never knew i had Titinus but its 10 times silentler.

  10. I didn't. Did you?

    Crap, u just gave me tinnitus, now k feel dizzy…

  11. Liz's Early Learning Spot

    I've been going to a brilliant acupuncturist for the past 25 years to get relief. It's the only thing that mitigates it for me. I went to other acupuncturists when I lived in Asia, but they didn't really help. I'm convinced that not all acupuncturists will give the same result.

  12. I have tinnitus and I've never searched it on the internet before, yet google knows I have it.

  13. do i have tinnitus if i only have it 1-5 min every week ?

  14. s̸e̸n̸d̸ n̸u̸d̸e̸s̸

    If I focused on the sound I could hear it but when I don't I can't hear it so it's all about not thinking about it I could hear an old tv screeching but my parents can't and my sister can

  15. Have it since birth. The only way to treat it is ignoring it. If you focus or think about it, the noise will come back

  16. Amr Ibrahim Seif Allam

    where is his girlfriend now ?????? did she leave him ? is he okay now and how ??????

  17. I think I have this, I don't have the white noise thing but I constantly hear a continuous screeching sound in my ears. I've gone to a hospital specialized in ear problems, but they couldn't find out why, all the doctors just came up with "ear infection" and gave me a bunch of antibiotics that don't have any help at all. I've learned to just live with it though, it doesn't affect my hearing (my hearing test came out normal) so I just sort of ignore it.

  18. Adrian-Cornel Borină

    First ad on Youtube that I don't skip right away. Nice job

  19. I have had it for quite some time. Maybe around 10 years. I hate it. Sometimes I can ignore it and it is like it goes away, but as soon as I think about it, it comes back with a fury. Very loud screeching sound. Kind of like a constant screeching brakes.

  20. Visual snow is worse imo, I have both.

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