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How to manage tinnitus at night?


  1. What wisdom, humility and altruism

  2. Julian, I've watched some of your videos and would like to thank you for all the free information you've shared.

    I have a question: You've talked a lot about doing things we like to manage our tinnitus. I like lifting weights and martial arts. Are these activities beneficial for my tinnitus or are they going to make recovery more difficult?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Rycast - Roadracing and Fitness Videos

    I recently damaged my hearing (got tinnitus), it became winter (I get depressed in the winter), my would-be girlfriend broke up with me, and my business came crashing down. I also moved into an apartment alone, for the first time in my life. I had to get rid of my truck that I loved. I started watching horror films every night (I don't know why!) and I've become more depressed than ever before in my entire life. The tinnitus has gotten worse. I hear the tinnitus very badly every night. Your videos are helping. Thank you!

  4. Susie in the country

    was at the beauty salon and did not hear tinnitus for about 3 hours! enjoyed the silence

  5. But how do you get rid of the noise?

  6. Thank you so much for these videos. I've had ringing in my ears for the last few weeks after I had some sinus pressure. I've just moved to London from California, so I'm hoping that my tinnitus may disappear after my body adjusts to this new climate (it seems to be much fainter on warm days), but I want to prepare some coping techniques in case this is something that persists. It's been very distressing at night, so I appreciate people willing to offer advice and some comfort. 🙂

  7. you are marvelous

  8. Alex Ellington

    Hey Julilan, did you have noise induced hearing loss Tinnitus?

  9. Ambien is quite an efective way to deal with tinnitus at night.

  10. Crescent Crest

    I'm currently dealing with an episode, it's almost midnight and I'm just trying to relax and wait for it to calm down. >.<

  11. hi Julian I have tinnitus from one year now I have very bad position

  12. I can’t sleep I’m scared and how I can control this noisy, tell me sir it going or life long stay that sound

  13. I am glad I found this hearing loss solution “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my grandmother. It is such an exciting thing seeing her able to hear better and it makes her enjoy her day to the fullest as she could communicate with her peers exceptionally better also.

  14. Ulrika Svensson


  15. Darlene Karpienko

    i need to know if tinnitus sounds include pounding/thumping that sound like it's coming from outside my house not in my head. i have static that i know is tinnitus and is definitely in my head but i believe the pounding, is not in sync with my heartbeat, from research that i could be hearing a different frequency due to hearing loss. please any help.

  16. My tinnitus started after i stopped pushing my lower jaw forward (as a bad habit after jaw surgery) it caused a disbalance in my jaw muscles and i can't talk without being in pain, the muscles are so tight. I'm working on fixing this and hope that my tinnitus wil go away, i have days that i can hardly hear it. thank God for that. God bless you all that are suffering with this condition as it has turned my life upside down.

  17. Shaun O'Connor

    Well put, an approach that is often overlooked. breath work is also useful as a tool for dealing with Tinnitus during the night. A technique I find particularly promising is to gradually slow the breathing, and closely observing the effect the breathing practice has.this has a twofold effect,1) it directs attention away fro the sound that characterizes the tinnitus, 2) it promotes a gradual, gentle state of relaxation which, more often than-not, will lead to a restful sleep.

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