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How to reverse tinnitus/ringing in ears. Keto is the solution. Other doctors’ support linked.


  1. I have been on keto since July. Not only have I lost 50 lbs, am no lomger prediabetic, have been taken off one of my two hypertension meds, and my bad cholesterol has dropped 30 points, but for the first time since I was about 5 years of age, the chronic ringing in my ears has decreased by about 90%. I've been told I will always have some ringing due to damage done to my left eardrum that happened during childhood, which caused me to lose a good deal of hearing in that ear, however, I noticed, for the 1st time, the ringing has severely lessened. I didn't chalk that up to ketosis but it makes sense and fits the timeline since i started this lifestyle. I watch each of your videos and subscribe so i dont miss them as they come out. Thanks for the info!

  2. I have had tinnitus for 25 years now and tried all kinds of diets I even when on a 22 day distilled water only fast all kinds of pills vegan lifestyle reconnective healing plus much more nothing works, Tinnitus from my experience is not just an ear problem it has to do with the subconscious mind. I'm trying faster.EFT by Robert Smith at the moment it looks promising also see Julian Cowan Hill he had tinnitus for 20 years and got rid of it by letting go of it through relaxation techniques. I hope this helps you, don't give up keep trying.

  3. Thank you Doctor Darren…I have just started Keto diet hoping to sleep better!!… then I saw your video on Tinnitus which is so encouraging for me…as I have that going on.
    In your experience has the Keto diet helped with Dystonia also?! Thanks so much!

  4. I wonder if ketosis can help me. I'm male, 52 and had T come on about six weeks ago. High pitched ringing 24/7 disrupting my life. My ENT says I have a little hearing loss and has decided this is the cause. I have my suspicions about the results, but anyway…I eat a balanced diet, gym regularly, few processed foods, no health issues other than work stress, I'm 6ft/175 lbs and my last BP check a week ago was 124/80, a bit higher than usual for me but the T is stressing me. I have to check other diagnostics for metabolic syndrome but I'm definitely not the poster child. Based on info here might I benefit from ketosis?

  5. I appreciate the video and information, but I've had tinnitus since being on the firing line at Fort Polk, LA in 1965. It was obviously induced by loud sound. The damage was probably cumulative as I enjoyed sport shooting and firecrackers when very young. Have tried a number of remedies, nothing worked. Does anyone have information on high sound (gun fire) induced tinnitus?

  6. I have been in ketosis for the better part of a year. Tinnitus and SSHL have struck me recently. I can’t see how this should have happened if ketosis is the answer. Can you help with this??

  7. Very interesting. How long does one have to be in ketosis to notice a difference? I've had tinnitus since I was a teenager, but it's gotten worse over the past 20 years. I've been in ketosis a few times over the years, usually for a period of a month or so. I'd like to make it something I cycle through for longer periods a couple times per year. But I've never noticed a decrease in the tinnitus. Then again, I wasn't looking for it, and I'm guessing it's a pretty gradual change.

  8. i emailed your place of business and spoke to Nikki Klein and she told me that some tinnitus patients were cured while others had symptoms go down, i thought i say a comment from you somewhere that all your patients were cured. Also i was having an email conversation with Nikki and I asked her if part of the protocol was to find out what was causing the tinnitus and she stopped emailing me, so im sceptical could you be perfectly clear about what you can and cannot do for tinnitus patients. Also my tinnitus isnt sound related. Sorry if i seem so direct im just tired of people making promises they cant keep and im not saying you can or cant i would just like a little more transparency from you and you company on this subject.

  9. Do you have any info on dealing with Macular degeneration? Prevention or vitamins etc?
    Thank you

  10. could you please give me the exact protocol for tinnitus. Mine is up one day and real low the next and this has been going on for 4 months. Please help im desperate at this point. And also how long it takes for the protocol to work?

  11. Dr Jarvis explains in his book 'athritis and folk medicine' that regular doses of a tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water taken three times daily will help with removing the deposited calcium in the body (for athritis). Which could maybe also aid in removing tinnitus…

  12. Is Ketosis healthy if you have Adrenal fatigue?

  13. Hello Darren, is propyl alcohol produced also as a byproduct of sugar metabolism? I am studying Hulda Clark's research and I would like to now your thoughts. Regards

  14. Criszelle Baliong

    Will this work if we have ringing in the ear and we are not diagnosed with tinnitus?

  15. Criszelle Baliong

    If we put the music loud (since it is still comfortable) does the loudness affect how long it will take to get results?

  16. Thank you Mr Hall for this beautiful soothing music for relieving tinnitus in people

  17. Hola Thomas I speack spanish a little english. I can use this melody for Cure my tinnitus?

  18. There is something magical here. I thank you for this gift, Mr. Thomas Hall.

  19. Thank u for cheering me up. I had a bad day today because of my tinnitus and difficulty to hear at the office. Your song make me feel relax, i dont need to sound masking my tinnitus with boring sounds.

  20. Thank You Mr. Thomas

  21. Orient JewelHeart

    thank you for posting this music .. it did help and very comfortable to listen .. i feel great .. the ringing in my ear come and goes but when i read from medhealth article years ago .. just dont mind it and life must go on .. because its not only you having the same ringing in the ear from all over the world .. mean youre not alone but people lives many years and it just become a normal thing when you get older .. all you have to do is dont focus in it .. it will just go .. but when you focus on it you will get depress so just let it go .. it will not going to bother your every minute of your day … just dont mind it .. remember no matter what happen around us … think .. God's gift is great … Life is Beautiful.

    again thank you for posting this classical music friend …
    God bless your heart.

  22. Hoping this will help with my tinnitus. The music is beautiful. As another listener suggested earlier, it would be great to have an eight hour loop of this!

  23. I gasped with excitement when I saw this on your channel. I recently realized I might be suffering from tinnitus. It comes sporadically, the duration varies and it is quite annoying. I recently changed jobs so I'm waiting for my probation to pass and benefits to kick in so I could go to the doctor about it. I don't think I'll need to make that appointment after listening to this. I can hardly wait to listen to it. I will right after the Motivation to Get Things Done finishes playing. I listen to several of your recordings for interviewing, stop procrastinating, public speaking, confidence to name a few. Not only are they pleasing but they really do work for me. Whatever my situation, struggle, or goal — you have a tape for it. Thank you for sharing your work and in a variety of ways i.e. subliminal, binaural, hypnosis, water sounds, classical. I am truly appreciative, grateful.

  24. I've been using your therapy for a year now- thank you by the way – I'm glad you still have subliminal in this tinnitus session.

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