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Is Tinnitus Curable?


  1. Wait I’m confused. If I drink tap water my tinnitus can’t be cured? What?

  2. I have been ondeit since 2 months got no relief

  3. Hi. I tried to get your Ebook and I did not receive any email. I did look in my spam, too. hmmm?


    I"m going to start the dry fasting tomorrow, I also sent you an email please help me man! I'm going to follow the guide, I hope you can help me bro…

  5. So i f i do the process your provided it will literally go away forever?

  6. Nice video. Super. Very informative. Thanks for the video.

  7. Zana Dragutinovic

    Thanks for the free guide, i am struggling with tinnitus, sometimes it is very bad!

  8. Marko Djordjevic

    It is not curable but can be controlled and reduced with some healthy living.

  9. Thank you so much for this video. Never taught that this is curable. Very informative video. Thanks!

  10. I have tinnitus since a long time and it's really a hope for me, thanks for your work !

  11. You really give great information, your video is very useful, all praise.

  12. So it is ! and naturally ! Thank you for sharing your experience

  13. Alejandro Ramirez

    You know when I finish to play with my band-mates, I use to think that the tinnitus is gonna last for ever, but it's exatly what you say, even in this video or the others (yes I'm big fan of your videos) We gotta take care our ears, at least in my personal case, I'm using earplugs very pro cuz, I'm musician, I don't know what could I do without my ears.
    Thnk u, one more f*king time ! You r the man
    Ps: If you need some help, I don't know, testimonies about how useful has been your advises to someone who is in a environment which is vulnerable to suffer tinnitus, let me know.

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