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Pink Noise : 9 Hour Long Background Noise for Sleep


  1. violetfleur aj

    so.. you are basicslly saying yoy are bettwr than white joise in every way? i havebt tried white noise yet so…. idk about that.

  2. I've checked the various pink noise videos around YouTube and have determined that Brad's video is the best—happy to be a longtime subscriber here. I also very much enjoy this channel's unique B-17 engines video.

  3. Also good for breaking in new speakers

  4. pink guy spirit going right through me

  5. I read in the paper the other day ( so it must be true lol) that Microsoft have said that they are going to try to find a cure for cancer, like they would try to break down a computer virus. They are that confident they reckon it will take between 5 and 10 years! I wish they would try and crack this "Devils Symphony".

  6. RUN OPEN!!

  7. i hear birds ?

  8. Benny Marshall

    I made pink noise with a lady… Then it was white noise

  9. Reminds me of when I used to go to my grandmas and watch video tapes on her CRT tv.

  10. Sounds like fairly heavy rain to me, i wonder if it actually sounds like rain or if that's just how my brain processes it.

  11. have tinnitus this helps,thought I would lose my mind.THANK YOU FOR HELP

  12. Sin esto ya no puedo dormir!! :/

  13. This help for sure..takes a little while but yea..on a low level kinda calms you down. Thanks for sharing. Sharing is caring 🙂

  14. Thanks

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