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Quick Relief for Tinnitus: Fast and Simple


  1. It did not work. I have tried this many times. I've had tinnitus for 15 years now.

  2. Nope, didn't work! Tried three different sets of 50, nothing, Nada, zip. Would love to have had it work, but alas, no. I'm happy for those of you it has worked for.

  3. oh my god, it actually help!!!!! omg thank you so so much

  4. It helped for only a couple seconds, but those couple seconds were absolutely amazing

  5. Thank you Dan! It works!

  6. Daytha Heintzelman

    Tried. Still have it. Have had this 30 years from working around high air pressure machines……..thank you Hallmarks!!!

  7. It calmed it down now it seems quiet

  8. jean jacques Almanza

    hey! do you have to cover your ears?

  9. not any effect on me 🙁

  10. When you snap your fingers on there is it on the skull or on the neck? I think my placement is wrong with my hands.

  11. It helped but only temporarily

  12. Hey, I don't know what to do, I can't hear you after 0:29 .

  13. It does not work with me it probably only works if you have very mild Tinnitus

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