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  1. Rusnė Kondratavičiūtė

    I'm 26 years old. I'm from Lithuania and five years I' m suffer from Neuritis cohl dex. I don't know how it sounds in English. I can't hear with my right ear, but my ear nerve is still alive. I hear ringing in the ear every time. I feel depressed. I hope that in the future the scientists will find how to help the people with this problem.

  2. i think i have this.. theres been a ringing noise in my ear for as long as i can remember, and ive gotten checked up multiple times and the doctor always says your fine theres nothing wrong. i think they just like taking my money.

  3. I've had tinnitus since birth, its constantly ringing and never stops, doesn't really affect me that much though. I'm just used to it.

  4. It is a 1 psi air leak.

  5. I'm 27, and I've had Tinnitus since I was about 12-13 years old…I got some therapy when I was younger, like what they described in this video, where you learn about it, and how it happens, and what is the cause. It did help a bit, and it was manageable for many years. Then I destroyed my hearing even more with live hardcore concerts, loud music and headphones. At this point it is rather unbearable. I have a constant high pitch sound in my ears 24 / 7. I always have to listen to podcasts while going to sleep, in an attempt to ignore the sound…but it has gotten so loud that no music or podcast can overshadow it. It bothers me every day….
    The only time I actually managed to improve the loudness, was when I was living extremely healthy.
    There was a month in my life a couple of years ago, when I was very inspired, where I worked out every day, ate primarily vegan, but with some salmon and only drank alcohol one day a week, and took a couple of supplements, where it seemed to almost disappear. There were times where I couldn't hear it at all, which was a huge shock, and I didn't need anything to listen to anymore to sleep. But bad habits got the hold of me again on a vacation, and I returned to normal….and I've never been as healthy since. But I'm longing back to that state, and is currently working towards it. My brain seemed to work twice as fast during that time, and the tinnitus, was all out gone, so I believe lifestyle choices can improv the condition.

  6. Nigerian Nightmare

    He wasn't wearing ear muffs while playing drums…not surprised motherfucker!!!!

  7. A guy like Dylan could make tinnitus sexy.

  8. You Tube search Tinnitus.

  9. I have had this for as long as I can remember, for decades, even back in my fast food days when I was a kid. I think I got it from working fast food restaurants with drive thru bells, fryer alarms, kitchen timers, and so on.

  10. robert corrales

    It will get better brother, just stay positive.

  11. damn i feel bad for him

  12. Awwwwww poor kid

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    my chronic sinusitis causes me to constantly have tinnitus. it's horrible. I need to sleep with a fan. I miss the silence.

  14. i wish to see a subtitle…

  15. 2nd

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