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Tinnitus treatment with Acoustic CR Neuromodulation


  1. SO,WHATIS THE TREATMENT ?? you stated "qwak treatment out there and you just know someone's making alot of people making money" well. Where in that boat and that's all my 'gut instinct' see's here. No mention of the treatment just one hell of a juicy CARROT!!!!!

  2. Jesus, only in UK, Germany and US so far? When is it coming to Brazil? I would actually cost me almost 30k brazilian reals to go after this abroad =/ I'm screwd

  3. How much success can be attributed to her Central nervous system and limbic system calming down in association with the sound therapy? I would suggest a huge amount.

  4. Is this available in the United States?

  5. Very Reliable treatment

  6. I have had Tinnitus since i can remember. I learnt to ignore it, thank god. I didnt know it had a name or anyone else had Tinnitus until a few years ago.
    I can hear the sharp ringing now though!
    I've always wondered what it would be like without the ringing in my ears?

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