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What Does Tinnitus Sounds Like? – Ear Hearing Test Examples


  1. Scripturient Moth

    Im not sure if i actually have tinnitus because what i hear sounds nothing like any of these. i always hear a mosquito noise. I goes bzzzzz UZZZZzzzzzzzz. And it is not an even sound/There's no pattern. It's non stop and when I'm in a quiet room, it's like it gets louder and sends shivers up my spine! It makes it very, very difficult to sleep or focus on work. It makes me want to remove my ears sometimes!
    My mother doesn't believe me. But when i say I'm serious, she'll just take away my earphones believing that should stop "the voices in my head".
    (She'd call it).. which idk if thats a good idea, because now i cant block it out at all! 🙁

  2. Mine is most like the last one. Almost drowned mine out. Would have if it was a little higher pitch.
    Most folks that I have spoken to have a constant, high-pitched ring.

  3. Mine sounds like the first one but a lower pitch. Other shit sounds like dubstep helicopters and airplanes lmao

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